Mentor Accelerator Program

Have you had a desire to learn how to scale a business, build a circle of influence, secure funding, marketing a business and leverage your talents to secure business opportunities? Have you wanted to learn from business leaders with proven successes, who have paved the path, who want you to succeed, and are keen to share their knowledge and expertise with you?

We are excited to announce our first MENTOR COHORT ACCELERATOR PROGRAM.

  • Application process required –  APPLICATION DEADLINE – FEBRUARY 28TH.
  • One-Year Commitment;  Quarterly meetings (4x a year); 2-hours each
  • Begins – March 27, 2023 – 6pm est (tentatively)
  • FREE for Members; Non-Members = $250 per session
  • Maximum 5-individuals per Group; Multiple Groups
  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom
  • Individuals will be assigned to a group coached by an experienced professional leader
  • Individuals will gain unique perspectives and find synergies with a diverse group of individuals. Discussions to be focused on challenges in their businesses that tend to be overlooked or unanswered within mentorship circle to promote professional and personal development.
  • Collaborative communication, transparency, and vulnerability required to build trust  and confidence together to be successful
  • Knowing that everyone is sharing confidential information creates a secure space to explore together while exchanging ideas and experiences. The support of your group lends itself well to identifying and facing workplace challenges. The trust and confidence in one another will grow as you continue to share and receive authentic feedback. This enables your mentorship circle to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of  each other’s journey.
  • Individuals participating in the program should embrace the program by being prepared and committed, building trust and respect with your group, giving and receiving open and honest communication,  have flexibility and understanding of other perspectives.
  • During the program our ultimate goal is to provide individuals the 5-C’s – clarity, competence, character, compassion, and community.
  • Areas of focus of the program and much more:
    • Assess the feasibility of your business and identify the potential challenges and opportunities
    • Business Problem Solving:  Develop a set process to deal with the problems and challenges you face in your business.
    • Discussion on various ways to market your brand or new idea, brand identity, outreach opportunities.
    • Daily operational road blocks, future planning for business funding, etc.

Benefits of the Program to YOU:

  • Learn from the real-life experiences of successful business leaders.
  • Overcome overwhelm and create work-life balance.
  • Expand your network and circle of influence.
  • Be empowered with increased accountability.
  • Gain perspective to scale your business.
  • Learn from trailblazers and gain a disruptor mindset.
  • Develop trust and gain confidence – keys to sales and collaborations.
  • Have female supporters and champions in your corner.
  • Be exposed to new ideas, concepts, think on a larger scale.
  • Build relevant and authentic connections to grow your business.

Additional Details:

  • Mentor and Mentee will be contacted only once a match has been determined and assigned to a group.
  • Mentee and Mentor will be introduced via email with contact information and details.
  • Once groups have been assigned, the calendar of schedule meetings will be announced.
  • Mentor and Mentee must be 100% committed to the success of the program.
  • Both parties will be asked to provide a testimonial and feedback at the end of the Mentorship period.


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