Board Members

Our Board Members

The Board of Directors is the governing body of THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK WEDDING & EVENT PROFESSIONALS. This group of highly qualified leaders is responsible for the ultimate direction of the management of affairs of the organization and for satisfying its fiduciary duties, policy making, and responsible for executing daily management of board policy as well as legal responsibility for the actions (or in-action) of the organization. The Board of Directors exercises DUTY OF CARE, DUTY OF LOYALTY, and DUTY OF OBEDIENCE.

Tara Melvin

Founder, President and CEO

Perfect Planning Events, The Signature CEO Conference

Brian Green

Chairman of the Board

By BrianGreen

Marc Wilson

Vice Chairman of the Board

The Style Marc

Nadia Anderson

Director of Finance

Nadia the CPA

Paula Ewers

Executive Secretary

Truly Ewers Events

Lisa Hunt

Director of Membership

Lisa Michelle Designs

Aleya Harris

Aleya Harris

Director of Marketing

Flourish Marketing

Chip Dizard

Director of Media Production

Chip Dizard Studios

Natalie John

Director of Events

Dreamy Weddings

Eric Ellen Signature Events

Eric Ellen

Director of Events

EAE Signature Events