Our Identity

The National Society Of Black Wedding and Event Professionals (NSBWEP) is the first and only membership-based Non-Profit National Association (501-C6) representing Black-Owned Businesses and Entities in the Wedding & Event Planning Industry. Our members underscore the importance of Excellence and Professionalism in business, and adhere and support the rights and obligations outlined in our code of ethics.  The NSBWEP seeks to level the playing field by collaborating our efforts and presenting a united front as one cohesive body.  The NSBWEP is a complete resource that allows the entire wedding and event planning industry to benefit from its unique operational model.

Our Mantra:  “WE have become the CHANGE, WE want to BE!”

Our goal is to provide EQUAL OPPORTUNITY through REPRESENTATION, RECOGNITION AND EXPOSURE for our community and the Wedding and Event industry as a whole. We will use our platform to amplify our voices and ensure our narrative continues to remain relevant, present and evident while underscoring the importance of Excellence and Professionalism in Business.

The National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals is a working body seeking active and ongoing change through collective and individual efforts.  We seek elite membership among Black Wedding and Event Professionals who adhere to the organization’s code of ethics, are dedicated to their craft and to their business, but who are also committed to the industry and its evolution.

The board of directors (highest leadership body) is the governing body of THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK WEDDING & EVENT PROFESSIONALS, responsible for the ultimate direction of the management of the affairs of the organization and to satisfy its fiduciary duties; policy-making and responsible for executing day-to-day management to implement board-made policy, and legal responsibility for the actions (and in-actions) of the organization rests with the board.  In summary, the board of directors exercises DUTY OF CARE, DUTY OF LOYALTY, DUTY OF OBEDIENCE.