About Us

01Our Origin

The National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals was an idea birthed by original Founder, President & CEO, Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events & The Signature CEO Conference.  For many years, Tara recognized a void in the industry which did not shine the light or elevate Black Creative Entrepreneurs in the wedding and event planning industry.  As an industry leader, she desired to create a space  that would galvanize and build a legacy and platform for black wedding and event professionals throughout the United States and beyond with a common purpose to encourage the excellence for their talent, create unity within the black community and beyond, elevate business acumen via education, yield financial support to its members via scholarships, and bring awareness to others who are unaware of black-owned businesses who provide exceptional services for its consumers, and our contribution in the wedding and event planning industry.  On June 16, 2020, undergirded by the support of the Board of Directors, The National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals evolved!

02Our Identity

The National Society Of Black Wedding and Event Professionals (NSBWEP) is the first and only membership-based Non-Profit National Association (501-C6) representing Black-Owned Businesses and Entities in the Wedding & Event Planning Industry.  Our members underscore the importance of Excellence and Professionalism in business, and adhere and support the rights and obligations outlined in our code of ethics. The NSBWEP seeks to level the playing field by collaborating our efforts and presenting a united front as one cohesive body. The NSBWEP is a complete resource that allows the entire wedding and event planning industry to benefit from its unique operational model.

Our goal is to provide EQUAL OPPORTUNITY through REPRESENTATION, RECOGNITION AND EXPOSURE for our community and the Wedding and Event industry as a whole. We will use our platform to amplify our voices and ensure our narrative continues to remain relevant, present and evident while underscoring the importance of Excellence and Professionalism in Business.

03Our Mission

The National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals is a working body seeking active and ongoing change through collective and individual efforts. We seek elite membership among Black Wedding and Event
Professionals who are dedicated to their craft and to their business, but who are also committed to the industry and its evolution. We seek to encourage members to excel in their talent, to create opportunities that allow for unity within our communities, to elevate business acumen through education, to yield financial support from within and outside of the organization, and to bring awareness to others of the multitude of black-owned businesses within the wedding and events industry.

04Our Purpose

The National Society of Black Wedding and Event Professionals is beneficial to the entire community which is why membership is so invaluable.

We benefit the CONSUMER who seeks to hire Black event professionals to curate amazing experiences.

We benefit PUBLIC RELATION AGENCIES who seek to partner with Black event professionals for their client hires.

We benefit CONFERENCE and EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZERS who seek to feature Black event professionals on their platforms.

We benefit INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS who seek to develop their business by partnering with other Black event professionals.

We benefit CORPORATE PARTNERS because our members are event professionals who contribute to the billions of dollars events put into the economy each year and they use and utilize a wide range of products and services.

The society is a complete resource that allows the ENTIRE INDUSTRY to benefit from its unique operational model.

05Core Values

The NSBWEP is built upon a solid foundation of Core Values. These values are the driving force behind the organization as well as the guiding principle of its Members.

Continuously building RELATIONSHIPS because we know we can't do this without each other.

INTEGRITY - trust and respect must serve at the core of each business transaction.

Always celebrating our CULTURE.

COMMUNITY - each Member must be committed to establishing, encouraging and supporting the idea of unity within the organization and within the industry at large.

EXCELLENCE - each Member should strive to provide unparalleled experiences that heighten levels of expected service.

LEADERSHIP- each Member should seek growth opportunities and take bold actions to set themselves apart to yield unprecedented results.

ACCOUNTABILITY- each Member should hold themselves, their colleagues, their clients and the industry accountable for their actions.

COLLABORATION- each Member should seek an active role in working together to deliver continuous success through shared goals, values and support.

06Code of Ethics

Maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct at all times.

Actively model and encourage the integration of ethics into all aspects of the performance and duties of business.

Perform the responsibilities as a business owner in accordance with the laws and regulations of local, state or national governments under which the business resides.

Be truthful at all times in all information provided to The National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals in all applications and recertification process.

Hold Oneself, Peers, and Industry accountable for their actions within the industry.

Create opportunities for Members of the organization or group to grow as professionals.

To be honest with the perception of one's business by ensuring all images used is of one's own body of work.

Remain current and knowledgeable through continual education via workshops, conferences and seminars.

Maintain the discretion of client’s personal information.

Not to accept gratuities, gifts or favors that effect or appear to influence professional referrals, decisions or actions.

Provide proper credit when collaborating professionally on projects.

Not to engage in any verbal, physical or maleficence that my cause harm to any member, guest of the organization or its partners.