Trademarking is All About Branding

Know the Rights about Your Brand

Trademarking is All About Branding



Creating your brand identity is no small fete for entrepreneurs! From your creative talents to everything that you pour into our business – everything you create becomes priceless. How do you protect the brilliance you have created.


  • What does it take to get a trademark
  • What business owners need to know about trademark
  • The longevity of a trademark
  • What you can trademark
  • Trademark vs Copyright
  • The trademark process
  • Things that do not legally protect your brand name

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A bout Our Speaker:

Christian Williams Hammond is the owner and managing attorney of Bevel Law. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a juris doctor from Harvard Law School. Prior to launching Bevel, Christian was an associate at Covington & Burling, a global law firm where she represented top pharmaceutical companies and trade associations. Today, Christian combines her passion for creativity with her professional expertise to advise businesses and VC-backed startups on trademark and copyright law. She is the creator of The Legal Upgrade TM , a comprehensive service that helps businesses take their legal foundation from rocky to rockstar. When not running Bevel Law, she serves as Of Counsel to Ashbury Legal, a boutique law firm serving emerging technology clients. Christian is based in her home city of Washington, D.C. and is a member of the DC Bar Association.

Date: January 24, 2024
Duration: 1 Day