Leading a Healthy Lifestyle as an Entrepreneur

Creating a Mindset for a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle as an Entrepreneur


Shauné Hayes fervently believes whole plant foods are the remedy for a lot of health problems. Having dealt with chronic illness caused by obesity, she started a wellness journey in 2017 and gradually transitioned to a whole food plant-based
lifestyle. This change in eating helped her lose 100 lbs. and reverse previous issues connected to being overweight including frequent heartburn, rising high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, chronic arthritis, muscle fatigue, joint pain and infertility.

She is so thrilled with the results and completely changing her life that she is now on a mission to let other people know adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle might help them too.

In 2020, she self-published her first cookbook which offers a personal look into her weight loss journey and has plant-forward recipes for people wanting to eat more plants. She also developed The Shauné Life line of spices and started a
free plant-based nutrition community, All Kale the Power. Shauné is a certified health coach, plant-based and general nutrition educator, Food for Life instructor, author and speaker. She is also the owner and principal makeup artist of Red Carpet Ready Makeup.

Website: TheShauneLife.com
Plant-based nutrition community: Facebook.com/groups/AllKalethePower

Date: October 19, 2022
Duration: 1 Day