History & Celebration of Black Love, Part 2

Black History Month with Reverend Orsella Hughes

History & Celebration of Black Love, Part 2


Black History Month is a time to honor the strength and resilience of our ancestors who persevered despite insurmountable obstacles. Their unwavering determination has created a path for us to strive towards excellence and continue making history every day.

Join us as we talk with NSBWEP Members on a 4-part series on the “History & Celebration of Black Love”.  We will discuss traditions used in weddings, to personal encounters, why Black Love is significant in our culture.

Today we are speaking with NSBWEP Member, Reverend Orsella Hughes of Serenity Ceremonies.  As an officiant, she has had the opportunity to witness love at its most intimate detail.  We will cover the legalization of Black marriage in the United States to the right of passage that is often regulated by the bride and groom’s customs, beliefs, values, and attitudes.   Did you know that between 1619 – 1866, Black marriages held no legal authority in the United States?  Do you know about Black Love Day which is celebrated on February 13th (a 28-year tradition)

We look forward to having you join us on INSTAGRAM LIVE (@NSBWEP) for this rich conversation full of history, love, and culture.

(read some of Rev. Orsella’s articles on Black love and marriage:  Article 1, Article 2)


Location: Instagram LIVE
Date: February 13, 2023
Duration: 1 Day