Dual Virtual Webinar…Tisha Holman & Tamara Varella


Dual Virtual Webinar…Tisha Holman & Tamara Varella


Virtual Event.  February 10, 2021. 7:00 pm est.

Members Complimentary.  Non Members = $55.00.

This month you have the opportunity to choose from two educational speakers who are presenting dynamic topics to help you position your business for success in 2021.

SESSION #1:  Tisha Holman | Planned, Productive and Profitable: Create a WINNING Strategy for Your Digital Content”
Business owners hear a lot about the importance of being consistent on social media in order to be successful…but there is more to the equation. Your content strategy needs to include your ENTIRE online presence in order for your efforts to make dollars and sense for your business. That type of magic only happens when the content you share is planned, productive and profitable.

  • Learn what “Content That Connects” is, and why it is the secret to your success online
  • Discover tools you can use to source your content and figure out exactly what you should be posting online
  • Find out what the P.O.T. of Gold is for your brand so you create content that converts to ca$h
  • Get the inside track on the most effective ways to fill up your content calendar with things your followers care about seeing.

Tisha Holman is the Founder and CEO of Mind Your Business, LLC. She is a highly sought after digital marketing, brand and social media strategist that has helped organizations large and small implement strategies to elevate their digital presence. She is an industry expert dedicated to sharing knowledge that helps organizations from all industries solidify the foundation their businesses are built upon, and win in the digital marketing space. Tisha has been at the helm of national digital marketing campaigns that were aired on Lifetime Television, TBN, Daystar Television, The Word Network, ABC, NBC, and more! Tisha has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX and The CW, as well spoken on stages domestic and international sharing her insights and expertise.
Tisha is the Author of Lights! Camera! Action!: Get Your Brand On Television, The Social Media Makeover, and Go Ye Into All The World Wide Web, and the Creator of The Digital Day Planner.

SESSION #2:  Tamara Varella | “Business Planning 2021”
Designed to equip you with the necessary tools and strategy for your business success in 2021, attendees will learn:

  •  Ensure you are ahead of your competition
  •  Find new revenue streams
  •  Stay compliant and relevant within your industry
  •  Necessary components for your 2021 Business Plan
  • Sales Cycle vs Sales Funnel  and how to maximize both for increased revenue
  • Systems and SOP ( Standard Operating Procedures) insights

Tamara is the founder and Chief Manifest Strategist of Manifest Business Consultants, a full service business start-up and expansion firm for businesses and non-profits.  With over 20 years of experience with assisting clients with achieving success, she has an innate ability to not only see the end goal but also execute a thorough strategic plan to achieve goals, objectives and PROFIT.  Ms. Varella is known for her ability to take concepts and ideas and build them into PROFIT GENERATING ENTITIES. Ms. Varella is a sought after coach and speaker. Described by her clients as a “dream maker that literally takes your ideas and brings them to life before your eyes”, Ms. Varella has consulted various types of clients ranging from local non-profits, high-end luxury companies, projects in the movie and entertainment industry, speaker and expert campaigns, brick and mortar and online establishments to name a few.  Ms. Varella empowers her clients by ensuring they are well equipped to win using the strategies for success in today’s market; strategy, technology and systems.
Ms. Varella is the founder of the first African American and Woman owned co-working space in the state of Delaware; The WIN Factory. She also the founder of the WIN Factory Wealth League, a membership community of likeminded wealth builders focused on Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Investing.

Location: "Virtual"
Date: February 10, 2021
Duration: 1 Day