Diversity & Inclusion Series Part 1: Leslie Short, Author of “Expand Beyond Your Current Culture”

Diversity & Inclusion Series Part 1: Leslie Short, Author of “Expand Beyond Your Current Culture”

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Successful diversity and inclusion requires D&I programs that are strategic and proactive, with unlimited vision, part of an overall organizational culture. Unfortunately, most approaches to diversity and inclusion haven’t been successful ― half of all workers from underrepresented groups experience bias every day at work even though their organizations have diversity programs in place. So what should organizations do?

In Expand Beyond Your Current Culture, Leslie Short examines the continually evolving D&I challenges that organizations face and shows leaders how to ensure that all employees have opportunities to express who they are and are comfortable doing so. In an engaging, conversational style she offers tips on how to think differently about diversity and inclusion to achieve a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace.


Leslie Short brings four decades of experience when she created The Cavu Group to advise companies and organizations how to expand beyond their current culture through the Diversity & Inclusion lens.  Her talents and skills are uniquely designed to seek growth through open conversations, conflict coaching, trainings and workshops. She firmly believes that issues don’t go away because programs are in place but by continually evolving and having a channel to listen and understand the people who are our greatest assets.

Leslie began her career as a classical ballet dancer at the age of 7 turning professional at 12 she expanded her career in Paris then living in Europe for over 10 years and Asia for three. She was Creator & CEO of the first of its kind entertainment business in Japan rated best business of Japan in 1994 before spending the next stage in her career leading production of television, marketing, advertising and PR for media & entertainment and fashion companies.

Leslie is also the owner of K.I.M. Media LLC which designs and produces luxury domestic and International events. Leslie also consults for the event and business industries.

Leslie is also a chaplain, activist, certified mental health aide, certified mediator, conflict & transformational coach as well as CEO and Leadership advisor. Leslie is also a dignitary and keynote speaker at the United Nations and European Union events around the world.

Leslie serves on several Boards and advisory boards and is an activist for women rights, humanitarian issues and the Us-Israel relationship.

Leslie also a contributor to Channel 5 News NYC as a Brand- Diversity & Inclusion Expert.

Leslie is the author of:  Expand Beyond Your Current Culture :Diversity & Inclusion for CEOs and Leadership

Leslie’s Podcast: is:  Visibility Ultd.



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Location: Virtual Event
Date: March 24, 2021
Duration: 1 Day