Corporate & Commercial Photography…Transitioning My Photography Lens

Transitioning My Photography Lens

Corporate & Commercial Photography…Transitioning My Photography Lens



Photographers have you considered jumping into the world of corporate or commercial event photography, either as a new business venture or to diversify what you already do, and would like some event photography tips to help get you started and avoid some of the pitfalls?

During this discussion, we will cover how one can get started, transition, or diversify their photography business with commercial and corporate photography. In addition, learn the nuances of building the corporate client profile, preparing your business successfully on the backend, how corporate and commercial photography differ from weddings, how to build your network and so much more.

We have assembled a distinguished panel of minority business owners who have long-standing successful brands who focus beyond wedding photography with high-level, high-profile corporate and commercial clients.

PHOTOGRAPHERS you do not want to miss this 90-minute discussion!

Our Speakers:

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Location: Virtual Webinar (Zoom)
Date: April 17, 2023
Duration: 1 Day