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March 31, 2021


This month I want to explore what resilience is, why you need it, how you develop it, and whether you can overcome adversity and move closer to your dreams and goals for your business.  2020 was a year of many challenges and uncontrolled emotions for most of us.  The uncertainty, the loss, the fear, and even the inability to do the thing we have told the world we are great at doing.  So let’s talk about how you find your way to rebuilding your physical and emotional strength. Ask yourself how it helps you go through adversity to become a better, more rounded individual.

Being resilient means that when you fail, you have the strength to learn the lessons you need to know and to turn to bigger and better things. Remember that resilient people are confident that they will eventually succeed, no matter what setbacks or strains they face. As entrepreneurs, we must keep this in our toolbox as one of our most trusted equipment pieces.  Without it, we are lost.

Surviving hardships and being ready to move forward strengthens the mind to face new challenges and to overcome future failures. We learn that difficulties do not break us – they may bend us, but we do not break.  Resilience gives you the power to overcome setbacks so you can live the life you have always imagined. Through effort and the passage of time, we can become more resilient and better able to recover from the inevitable challenges of life. Despite the pain and trials on our path to resilience, the benefits of living a resilient life are priceless.

Resilience involves the ability to navigate life and fall and get up again, no matter what, to start over again. It’s called collapse, And it’s one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal for accessing and accessing it. Overcoming adversity is by no means easy, but the hardships and fates we have endured can give us confidence that we can deal with everything that is coming our way. We learn from role models who have acted boldly in times of crisis, and they become memories that we remember when we experience future challenges. There are steps we can take to make it easier to overcome even the most significant obstacles.

Think of the adversity you have faced in the past and ask yourself what you relied on to get through it. Try to remember how you overcame the difficult circumstances you had to face, remember it, and make rules based on your insights. Analyze people you admire and how resilient they were, and analyze their past experiences and how they navigate through those turbulent times.

You can expand your brand’s knowledge base by learning those things that positively influence the organization’s resilience capacity. Focusing on resilience skills in routine practices allows you to focus on them and lean into them when needed. It can help explain why your brand is better at dealing with unexpected events than other companies in the same situation.

Let’s look at kids, for example. Children who develop resilience early on in life can better cope with disappointment, learn from failure, deal with loss, and adapt to change. Watching children tackle problems and overcome emotional challenges in school and life recognizes their resilience. Children and adults need the ability to take the risks necessary to move forward. This faith also enables them to have the strength to move forward if they develop a strong sense of self.

Hard times offer the chance to change course and find an undiscovered bridge that will get us over the hurdle. In dealing with adversity, perhaps the most critical positive affirmation we can remember is that we will also survive. Resilience is simply the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned.

Responding in this way to adversity is crucial to overcoming today’s pandemic affected economic woes. It is individuals and groups who come through persistent adversity and significant setbacks and crises and recover well. They are the ones who deal with adversity to achieve their goals, to be happy, and to succeed in life despite adverse events and setbacks. Because they know this is not the first time nor the last time they will have to face hardships.

The goal should never be to avoid setbacks or hardships. The goal should always be to build up the tools and resilience to meet them face to face and become stronger. By pulling together, supporting each other, and solving problems together in difficult times, we as an organization, as a community can become strong. When families face difficult situations together, it helps build the resilience needed to face new challenges and recover from the next crisis. And we are your family, and we stand with you to meet the future together.

Best Regards

Brian Green | Chairman of the Board

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